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Jet Star 2 Discussion Thread - Anonymous - 02-17-2005

I saw the jet star cars today- HOT! They Look soooo good

jet star cars - Willenator - 02-17-2005

That's awesome. You should share with us a little about what they look like.

jet star cars - Willenator - 02-19-2005

That sounds really interesting. I can't wait to see one of the newly painted cars.

jet star cars - Willenator - 02-27-2005

If you haven't seen the newest addition to the Jet Star photos then click here and check out the front of one of the Jet Star Cars new paint jobs.

Jet Star Cars - AmericanHero - 02-27-2005

I was told by a reliable source that there are flames down the sides of the cars.

jet star cars - skwid - 02-27-2005

Yeah, I heard that too, Velcro do you have pics?

jet star cars - Willenator - 02-27-2005

I just have the pic of the front of the car for now.

jet star cars - Voovegas - 04-10-2005

No new photos of the cars but the track is looking AWESOME!!! Great picture LagoonNerd! I love the bright colors!

jet star cars - INCoasters - 04-10-2005

I agree with JP, Jet Star is my favorite ride to Operate and they have destroyed her the red and Yellow are good but the cars are PLAIN STUPID! Someone needs to save Lagoon!!! Please Cedar Fair or please S&S!

jet star cars - LagoonNerds - 04-11-2005

Thanks Happy I would have got more pictures but my camra ran out of battery :? I will try to get some more pics this saturday Tongue