Sid Goes to the S&S Shortline Railroad Train Park and Museum
Rubber Wrote: Wait, am I misreading this?

Don't you know? They knew how important it was for Sid to get that number photographed so they opened it up just for him. Happy
Jordan Wrote: Ahem, I helped you with getting those numbers, Mr. Blind Man. Tongue

Ahem u didnt go remember! Wink

Coaster Count: 73
Favorite Wooden: The Beast
Favorite Steel: Maverick
^ Ahem, yes I did. She doesn't read here...?
Jordan Wrote: ^ They were closed on the 6th, but open on the 13th if I remember.
There was a Family Conflict on Saturday, September 6th, so they were open on the 13th instead. Wink
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Coaster Credits: 99
No. 1 Steel Coaster: Cannibal, Lagoon ParkĀ 
No. 1 Wood Coaster: The Beast, Kings Island

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