Boy thrown from water slide in California
(05-29-2017, 11:51 PM)jetstar2 Wrote: It's in the best interests of both the public and the amusement park industry to have fully open reporting in the press of any incidents at amusement parks. Hiding or stifling information would create distrust and the information would be much more damning and widespread if discovered. People should understand that there is some risk involved in riding a waterside just like there is in any physical activity.

I'm glad he's OK, he hit the concrete going pretty fast.
Fortunately, Most incidents of coming out of the shut down lane result in bruises and road rash and not more serious injuries.

Now, just my personal opinion here, but if I owned and/or managed a Water Park, I would have high sides on all drops as well as the first third of a shut down lane. The only problem with that however, is if you needed to rescue someone and or put them on a backboard and they are in that area of the shut down lane. Surely, some sort of easily removable high sides would be required.

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