New coaster in Festyland
Anyone else think this looks dangerous???

I would be a little worried about riding this in a rainstorm without any bracing on that section of the track. Looks like it could cave unto the track pretty easily.

It looks like it is unfinished but they are allowing people to ride it.
From all the pics it looks unfinished but it is in France so it might be finished LOL. Sorry to anybody that likes the French or is French.

Maybe htere is somthing that to keep it from caving in, well just watch the news and when ya hear of a wall falling in on a Roller Coaster in France after and huge rain storm then you can laugh .
The link doesn't seem to be working for me. Do you have a link to the coaster fact sheet itself instead of a picture?
Just go to and type in Festyland in the search bar, that should get you to it. The ride in question is 1066: Spirit of the Conqueror.
RCDB was down earlier the link up top should work now
Now that I've seen the pictures I would have to agree about it looking dangerous. I would hope that since the area does look like it's still being worked on that they put in some supports for that dirt.

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