All you can eat
Forum Guest Wrote:food and drink wise- all they make you take out of your cooler- is items in glass bottles.

They could just ban them and give the deal Universal is doing this year pay an extra 20 bucks and can have unlimited food and drink all day long
I like that idea Happy

I would pay an extra $20 in a second for all you can eat food and drinks, pretty pricey if you take your family there though.
pricey ya but if you were going to be there all day and had to pay for lunch and dinner and drinks all day long It would save ya in the long run.
I'd love all you can eat and drink (If you buy a mug I think that they give you all you can drink, $10 though). With families eating and drinking all that they can, then riding rides, I don't want to be the one cleaning it all up. A little kid can stuff themselves pretty good, not to mention some adults.
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