2009 Roller Coaster Rumor
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I have heard through the grapevine that after the great success of Wicked that Lagoon does indeed want to install another coaster in 2009.
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All of my friends who have been on SLCs (including me) HATE them. I might be willing to try it if they get the new trains. If Lagoon gets any B&M it would put them on the map of any coaster enthusiast and local alike. It would be the better move.
I think with the success of Wicked a B&M Inverted would be a great investment. What I would really like to see, though, instead of building another coaster on a clean patch of land, build one that flows with the park. It'd be great to see a coaster like what The Bat was advertised to be.
If an inverted I think a good move is do what the Bat does take close turns to the trees and i know thats one thing that the park does is keeps those trees as close to Bat as possiable. A B&M would be nice addition. But what I would love to see is a Powder Keg type launched coaster at Lagoon. I think that would be a real good compliment to the park.
I would like to see a stand up coaster like B & M's Mantis, but the reality is that lagoon will probably design it themselves, and have zierer build it again.
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skwid Wrote: lagoon will probably design it themselves, and have zierer build it again.


By the way - isn't this just a bit early. We aren't even totally positive about an '08.
Actually we're pretty sure its not a coaster for 2008
I wish I could ride a B&M Inverter! Those things look awesome, and I've never been on one. I would totally ride it if Lagoon put one in.
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i had a friend talk to lagoons manager and i think the 08 ride is going to be a kiddie water ride. and that they have a design i think was suspended designed by a German company but they are still deciding if they should but i would love a B&M
^ The Zierer Nautilus we've been talking about for months now? Tongue

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