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When I was playing DaveHi1's countdown to the Lagoon Opening (or attempting to), it greatly increased my visitation to the photo gallery. So, in a flash of inspiration, I've decided to open a permanent thread for this (not one that runs out in 20 or so days).


For those of you who are new to the game, here are the rules (they have changed since I started the topic, these are the most recent rules):
  • I post a small portion of a larger picture
  • You guess what the picture is
  • Once somebody gets it right, I will post the key, a new photo, and the updated score
  • I will only post a new picture once per day
  • Every 10 pictures, I will total the scores and declare the winner of that round
  • After I declare the winner, everybody's score is set back to 0 and we begin a new round
  • I can give small hints here and there, so I would read my posts carefully (wait, what?)
  • One guess, per person, per picture. (e.x. "I think it is Roller Coaster or Fire Dragon") Your guess will not be counted if you guess two items.
  • If you don't guess the picture in a week, I'll give myself the point and move on to the next picture.

Here's picture #1:
[Image: mystery1uu5.png]

Member of Lagoon Games Department 2010-2011
Cliffhanger sign.... Piece of cake! Laugh
For some reason I thought it was the sign above that one place that is the enterence to Lagoon-A-Beach. NOw that Jordan said it's the sign of Cliffhanger, I knew I was completely wrong.
Great idea Rubber Ducky. Have fun everyone.
You have guessed correctly!

Here is the full photo:

[Image: normal_cliffhanger2005010.jpg]

This next picture is a bit tricky (well, maybe):
[Image: mystery2nv9.png]
Member of Lagoon Games Department 2010-2011
Rock U2 the top.

What are we doing for dinner?
In Case No One has Figured it out yet, The Cliffhanger Logo is a Rip Off of the Survivor Logo! Laugh
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Being a rabid fan of "Survivor" I would have to say yes, yes it is.

Cliffhanger: Outscream, Outhurl, Outlast

"Life is a rollercoaster. Try to eat a light lunch."

--David A. Schmaltz
pennyfarmer Wrote: Rock U2 the top.


Here is mystery photo #3:
[Image: mystery3sz6.png]
Member of Lagoon Games Department 2010-2011
Ferris Wheel looking down from the top.

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