Opening day 2009
I'm hoping April 4th (with global warming and all) it seems to get a little earlier every few years.
One of my life time goals is to visit every amusement park world wide (or atleast nation wide) and ride every roller coaster.
I think that with how much snow we've been getting this winter, it would be on April 11.
I voted for April 11th because April 4-5th is General Conference, and I want to go to the LiF meet. Laugh
Member of Lagoon Games Department 2010-2011
Last year the park opened on April 5th, which was also the conference weekend. My guess is that lagoon will open on the first weekend of April again this year. I think that April is the best time to go to the park to ride the rides, as the lines are usually very short. By May the weekends get very busy.
I have a feeling opening day is going to be April 4th. what do you guys think?

Also if any of you youngsters who are at least 14 who want a job in games i can get you a early interview just P.M. me for more info!!! (early as in beginning of February)
Hope you don't mind, but I think I'm going to try Rides this year. If I don't like it, I might return to Games.

TRADER im not talking to you anymore kyle!!!!!!!!!
I think he saw the light! Thumbs Up!

I'm kidding. Games ain't bad. Who else is going to annoy people trying to get to the next ride.
^ I still can't completely decide... but is there really a point in doing rides before you're 16?
I would say hold off on Rides until you are 16 because you are limited to what you can do. I know lots of people that started out in Games at the age of 14 and moved onto rides when they were 16.

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