First Coaster - Little Dipper, Castle Park
First Looping Coaster - Revolution, Six Flags Magic Mountain
First Launching Coaster - California Screamin', Disney's California Adventure
First Lagoon Coaster - Wild Mouse
First Wood Coaster: Roller Coaster @ Lagoon
First Steel Looping Coaster: Fire Dragon @ Lagoon
First Kiddie Coaster: Puff @ Lagoon
First Wood Wild Mouse: The New Wilder Wild Mouse @ Lagoon
First Steel Wild Mouse: Wild Mouse @ Lagoon
First Spinning Coaster: Spider @ Lagoon
First B&M Coaster: Raptor @ Cedar Point
First Intamin Coaster: Lightning Bolt @ MGM Grand Adventures
First Hyper Coaster: Desperado @ Buffalo Bills Resort
First Giga Coaster: Millennium Force @ Cedar Point
First Strata Coaster: Top Thrill Dragster
First Bobsled Coaster: DISpatch mASTER TRANSPORT @ Cedar Point
First Inverted Coaster: Raptor @ Cedar Point
First Stand Up Coaster: Mantis @ Cedar Point
First Suspended Coaster: Iron Dragon @ Cedar Point
First B&M Mega Coaster: Diamondback @ Kings Island
First Jr Wood Coaster: Fairly Odd Coaster @ Kings Island
First Intamin Impulse Coaster: Wicked Twister
First Arrow Mega Looper: Vortex @ Cedar Point
First Vekoma Invertigo: Invertigo @ Kings Island
First Vekoma Boomerang: Boomerang @ Knott's Berry Farm
First Floorless Coaster: Scream @ SFMM
First and Last Togo Coaster: The Roller Coaster @ NYNY Las Vegas
First LIM Launched Coaster: Speed - The Ride @ Nascar Cafe
First LSM Launced Coaster: Wicked @ Lagoon
First LIM Spaghetti Bowl: Flight of Fear @ Kings Island
First Flying Coaster: Firehawk @ Kings Island
DISCLAIMER: This post contains my own personal views and opinions and do not reflect the views and opinions of any Company or Organization. Furthermore, I do not purport to speak on behalf of any Company or Organization and it's views or opinions.
Coaster Credits: 99
No. 1 Steel Coaster: Cannibal, Lagoon ParkĀ 
No. 1 Wood Coaster: The Beast, Kings Island

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