The Utah Fun Dome (49th Street Galleria)
Ah yes the 49th street Galleria.... Hmmmm I had my Barney Birthday Party there in one of the party rooms upstairs HAHA.

I blame my mom for not having POVS from this place! The Dragon coaster was my favorite there. Sitting in the back gave you whiplash at the end if you call that a helix. Anyways I wanted a camera so bad and didnt have money to buy one. I was going to film stuff there but when I asked my mom for a video camera she said what do you need a video camera for, Ugh! I also loved the smell of the place. Who ever had been may know what im talking about.

[Image: 6780_100935022317_100934362317_2027869_7682879_n.jpg]

[Image: the-49th-street-galleria-73479756.jpg]

[Image: galleria_token-729916.jpg]

Actually the Gravitron was there when it was the 49th street Galleria. When it was the Fun Dome it was removed to put in their 3D theater and yes there was batting cages when it was the 49th Street Galleria. They where where the Fun Dome put the Go Karts.

Their Fun House was the best I have even been to and was amazing! They took out the laser tag arena for this then took out the skating rink for the new Laser Tag. The Magic shows were very decent too!

My teacher would always throw away the Golden Student Awards for a free all day pass for the Fun Dome in the garbage and there was like always a stack of them. I would get them out and use them and go every weekend with friends. Anyone remember the police chase video for the motion simulator? I also like the roller coaster one but the down side I remember this ride always breaking down and wasn't open that much.

I was there the time they had the Gang Shooting and we were in Laser Tag and the ended the game early and said parents are worried someone got shot. We were thinking well duh its laser tag but then they said no someone REALLY got shot. They ended up doing a lock down so they could get statements from people and then ended up closing early. They gave use laser tag passes to come back but we never did. The lasy time they were open was for new years but cant remember which year. This is when I was in high school and me and my friend still loved to go!

Im my opinion Fun Dome was so much better then Hollywood Connections. I do know that Hollywood connections uses the same laser tag pack the fun dome used and they bought the existing packs from the fun dome. Also if you go to Nickelcade in Sandy and win tickets you will notice that you will sometimes still get the red Fun Dome tickets and they say Fun dome on them. My guess either the Fun Dome had a Major Hall of unused tickets or they get them at a discount like that from the Ticket Company I still have a ticket redemption ticket Receipt worth 1256 Tickets and still have old tokens from the Fun Dome and 49th Street Galleria.

After the Fun Dome closed, the games were moved into storage containers behind the builidng. I guess after the pet center folded, the owner of the building decided to empty the storage containers out into dumpsters.
I saw all sorts of stuff going into them. Arcade games, Pinball machines. My tried to talk to the forman to see if I could take a few of the pinball machines. There were a few collectables in there, such as Addams Family, Theater of Magic, Doctor Who, and Twilight zone. It was crazy but the guy was Spanish speaking so he didnt understand him. If I would of know I would of rented a Uhaul cause stuff being thrown into dumpsters is fair game!!!!!!

Here it is for sale

Look Familiar Anyone?????? Well Minus the 80's Hair Do's lol Also at 2:50 the girl crosses the foul line in bowling yet it still gave her a strike. Yeah real high tech haha!

Heres what it looked like when it was the Utah Pet Center

[Image: 2344_1117104766483_1192906644_30371601_8606_n.jpg]

[Image: 583_1074334017241_1192906644_30229307_6534_n.jpg]

[Image: 583_1073523636982_1192906644_30226622_7319_n.jpg]
I also have fond memories....may you rest in [pieces].... There are days (especially in the winter) I wish it were still operating! I would definitely spend some cash / take the kids to break up the boring Lagoon off-season months.
I never went, but I remember hearing about it a lot when I was younger. When did it close?
It was much better in it's Original Incarnation as the 49th Street Galleria. Wink
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(03-18-2014, 09:48 PM)Velcro Wrote: I never went, but I remember hearing about it a lot when I was younger. When did it close?

This old thread says it closed in 2004.

Sounds like they're keeping the old "main street" buildings. I'm surprised they're still there.
Loved the 49th street galleria; it was one of the places that a group of us lagoonies would go to on dates, or just to have fun away from lagoon.
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[Image: mba-badge-purple.jpg]

Blackbeard's Mini Golf was the best themed thing ever to exist in the state of Utah. Apparently it was destroyed to make way for the pet center Frown It was super dark, had a piratey nautical theme with a waterway running through it and assorted fountains, balconies and other false buildings looking over it, and constant shifts in elevation. One of the holes had a full size anchor on the green. I'm pretty excited to find this single picture of it after all these years:

[Image: 9bd342b73fcd1dda8a224af174f9f47f.jpg]

An image like this was already posted here, but I'm still posting mine:

Twirling Ribbons 
Got to go to that a grand total of one time in my entire childhood. I remember being so stoked! That definitely was a fun li'l mini-golf course.
Since I didn't live in the area as a kid I also went one time, but it left a huge impact on my imagination.

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