April Fools Pranks
My second favorite holiday of the year!!! And now here is I to share some of my favorite pranks. If you'd like, you can post some of yours in this thread too! But don't get after me if you get in trouble for some of my pranks. I do it expertly and sparingly so I do not get in trouble.

1. put flour on top of any celing fan
2. set an old manual alarm with bells,(iphone alarms work too,) to a late time at night in a brother or sister's room.
3. at dinner replace the glasses of water with glasses of water heavily soaked with alum. It is clear so your family won't tell the difference.
4.do the same except with pure liquid clear dental numbing fluid, or a spoonful-
5. carefully take the sheets off any bed and hide them under the matress. (leave the comforter on.) when the person goes to bed at night they will have two problems: the sheets are gone, and when they finally put on others and get in bed there is an unusual uncomfortable lump in their bed. do it with the next prank and it is very scary!
6. tape record scary sounds or download the ghost prank app for your iphone. time it to go off in the middle of the night. if you are doing this as a continuation from 5., there are scary sounds to keep you in bed so you don't go see what the lump is.
7. bring an old portable vcr and secretly hook it up at a friend's house without them seeing. chances are they don't have a vcr. bring a dvd and a video of the same movie. put the video in the vcr beforehand, and then put the dvd in. push play on the vcr instead. depending on your vcr, the quality won't be as good and it will crash. this will freak out your friend because, especially someone who is quality everything and would never let that happen.
8. this one does not frighten or hurt anyone in any way. it isn't really even a prank. if you get a banana and a pin, and make tiny pin pricks in the banana to cut it into pieces from the inside, when they open it they will be very startled!
9. get some very embarrasing pictures/videos and download them. send them in an email to one friend,(the one who would be embarrased with them,) Also put in the "to" box lots of different friend's email address. If the person sees you did that, he/she will probably go into shock. the secret is that for every email address except for him/her, will have some minor mistake- for example emereldhotdog@gmail.com I put an e instead of an a. This one is very embarrassing and expect some explaining to do after april fools day.
10. hold AFD to the 3rd and make a plan with a sibling of bonking other cars on boomerang. but you go against that sibling. Bumper Car Bumper Car Ahhhh

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