Old Game: Fish R Jumpin'
Fish R Jumpin'

Location: North Midway; next to Opera House Square
Opened: ?
Final Year: 2012
Manufacturer: Bob's Space Racers
Object: Use a fishing pole to try and hook a metal fish. Hook 2 out of 3 for a large, and 3 out of 3 for a jumbo.
Price: $2
Tradeups: No tradeups.
Winner Limit: 2 Prizes of any size per player per day.

Lagoon replaced this game with Hi Roller in 2013.

Didnt this game used to be in a difference location?
The key to this game is to not go slow when trying to catch the fish. What you want to do is just go forward then up sharply. I remember when I spent hours and money on this game. It is so much fun and very addicting. Never got all three, though.
Manufactured by Bob's Space Racers
Info added. Smile
Fish R' Jumpin is now closed. Hi Roller moved to take place of this game.

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