Old Game: Glass Pitch
Oh, I could see how that would be hard.
(05-20-2010, 04:12 PM)Hackenslash Wrote: Oh, I could see how that would be hard.

It is sheer impossible. I have laughed watching people attempt this crazy game. One thing that would really help would be if they were "real" plates and had upward curves on the edges.
Where was the old Glass Pitch game?
The old Glass Pitch game was located right next to Dracula's Castle where Bottle Up now sits.
hahah my friend was randomly walking and threw a quarter without saying anything to her and won! we laughed so hard! you should have seen the supridsed look on her face! hahahahahhaha
To help win this game this first [art might sound gross and I would suggest cleaning off the quarter first or instead of licking it spit on the quarter and rub it around on both sides so that it makes the qyuarter stickier. I think the sign says its void if you actually put a sticky substance on it but I can't remember but your spit is something natural not like glue or honey You don't have to do this though. You can also put a back spin on the quarter and toss it up and down directly on the glass so its like dropping vertically down on the glass. Don't toss it at an angle or bounce it off other glass. I thought of making a video for each game at Lagoon on my youtube like how to play, the object of winning the game, how much it costs, & tips on how to win easier! Since I have worked in games I know tricks on quite a few games to help increase your chances of winning! Anyone want to help me? Cause I would need someone to hold the camera or maby have different people do tutorials for my videos.

I loved the old glass pitch game because you could throw dimes, nickels, and quarters and if you got it in a shot glass or something you would actually win a shot glass. I cant remember if they had other prizes but I loved collecting the glass shot glasses! It was also a very cheaqp game and would spend all my loose change there.
This game is now closed. It has been replaced by Plinko.
I remember running that game I hated opening it though cause you had to get this big bag that had $500 of quarters in it from basically the entrance of the park and tote that heavy thing all the way to it.
trackbender Wrote:Sid never had it better on the fire dragon and Jet Star at night.
(01-24-2011, 05:35 PM)Brădēn Wrote: Where was the old Glass Pitch game?

(01-24-2011, 09:16 PM)Willenator Wrote: The old Glass Pitch game was located right next to Dracula's Castle where Bottle Up now sits.

Bottle up has been there forever. The old glass pitch was where the picnic tables are now next to the games office. It was a small round open building with a roof. When they took it out the area was torn up and remodeled to its current look. Before it was a slope and after they added steps. I actually found a glass dish from the old game back in 04 while doing pre-season cleaning.
It was called "Dime Toss" and it was in the spot Speedway Sr. mentioned. The building was circular, and you could toss dimes from any angle. Obviously, you used dimes, not quarters. There were things like ashtrays and cups around the outside, and if you got it in one of those you actually won the ashtray or the cup. There were special plates/whatever towards the center that would give other prizes if you landed on them. Ashtrays and cups are way easier to land than plates. I won a stack of generic brown ashtrays as a kid, which I gave my dad (who smoked at that time). We also won some milk-white goblet style glasses with the Coca-Cola logo on them, and some other glasses.
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