Game Info: Guess It
Guess It

Location: South Midway; next to train station
Opened: Unknown
Object: Win a prize as the game operator attempts to guess your age, weight, or month of birth. If they aren't within 2 years, 3 pounds, or 2 months, you will win any prize at the game.
Price: $2 per guess to win a small prize. $5 per guess to win a large prize.
Tradeups: No tradeups

[Image: normal_DSCF0211.JPG]
Always do the birth month. And always say your birthday is in October, (just in case the operator uses that old Ju or a scam.
Haha I always do year because I DO NOT look my age. Haha.
Game info updated to reflect 2013 changes. There is now an option to pay $5 to win a large prize.

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