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I've always wanted to hear more about his days at Lagoon. Especially if it contributed to video games.
His daughter's email address is listed on his website for use in trying to contact him. I was trying to put together some interview questions about his time at Lagoon to see if she'd forward them to him. I was in contact with one of the current Spill the Milk guys, and I was trying to get him involved, but I think he got spooked or lost interest. A request for an interview might be better coming from somebody who has an established content site as opposed to a guy who just posts on a forum sometimes (me).

Some of my potential questions were:

Do you have any memories of Lagoon that stand out in your mind?

Lagoon is the only park that still has an original Spill the Milk game. They are still using the same bottles which you used today. What advice would you give the people working  the game right now?

There have been a lot of changes at Lagoon since you worked there, have you visited recently, or do you ever consider it?

Anybody have any other ideas for potential questions?
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They're the same bottles?
(08-30-2017, 10:20 PM)Brăden Wrote: They're the same bottles?

I'm basing that off of something Sid mentioned, which makes sense to me. The bottles are metal, new versions of this game do not have metal bottles, and I don't believe they can be acquired anymore.

In this video at 2:15 it's mentioned that Lagoon's Spill the Milk is one of the last in the nation.

But I suppose it's possible that Lagoon has replacements custom made. I asked the games guy I was talking to about this if he knew if they were ever replaced, or if there were any extras, but I got no response.

I'm guessing they're very well made and stand up to an awful lot of abuse, and Lagoon would only replace them if they had to. I'm also guessing they have always had extras.
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