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What do you think about regulations placed on Amusement Parks by Citys, Counties, or States? I was reading an article on City regulations on a City in Kansas becuase the state does not regulate fairs and amusement parks. If you would like to read the article here is the link:
What regulations has Farmington placed on Lagoon, if any? Is that why they haven't built a 100+ foot coaster? Or are they just cheap? :lol:
From what I've heard Farmington places regulations on how high the rides can be. Much like any other company Lagoon has to get a building permit to install a new ride.

Most of Lagoon's regulations comes from the State of Utah. In fact every ride at Lagoon has a sign at the entrance that discusses some of these regulations that the State of Utah has on those that attend Lagoon.
This is true, Lagoon gets alot of thier regulations from the state of utah. But myself wanting to start a coaster company, I must know the different regulations in different states. And I know for a fact that Utah has the least amount of safety regulations of any state in the United States. So most of the safety is Lagoon's concern, and they have done a very good job of it. Lagoon's safety in the past 5+ Years is second only to Cedar Point. And for further reference California has the toughest regulations.

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And here I was thinking that Utah had more regulations then other states. LOL. Guess it just goes to show that I learn knew things all the time. Especially from other members of these forums. Smile
Mainly the reg for low height comes form life flight having to fly over Lagoon is the main one for height.
I never knew that. Makes a lot of sense.
ya still 100 ft coaster with a 25 ft under ground drop would be nice even with height resstrictions with a smart person Lagoon could have some awesome unquie rides.

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