New Rides
That ride looks like a lot of fun. I would love to take a ride on that.
Ya a launched water coaster. Sweet ride.

But Kinda Ka looks like Fun a longer version of Top Thrill and with moire Air time! Man that would be sweet
Silver Dollar City's website is now announcing that the track to Powder Keg is completed. Check it out!
Its awesome Its S&S's new take on Classic Arrow Track and it looks like an awesome ride. Arrow's are on there way back. A S&S air launch system on new Arrow Track Dream come true!
I would so want to ride that ride.
Ya but Since Lagoon won't settle and put awy differences with S&S Lagoon is doomed by Maurers and Vekomas!!!!!
Don't put this all on Dave Freed's shoulders... S&S wont do business with lagoon either. It's a mutual dislike.

And believe me, I am not a huge fan of Dave, but he isn't the only one involved in this.

S & S still talks to Lagoon, they show up off and on throughout the year.
A man would rather have a good scare over good advice.
[Image: mba-badge-purple.jpg]

I know its S&S won't do biz with Lagoon but if Lagoon had been better with things S&S would still do biz, I know it mutal dislike but Lagoon started it.
I've been thinking more about this lately and bet it wouldn't take much to settle the dispute and have them work together again... I used to work for Airborne Express in Logan and delivered to S&S all the time and Stan Checketts is one of the nicest guys I have ever met in my life... He was also a business man at heart and I think if Lagoon made an effort to work things out he would go along with it...

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