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Ya Stan is an honest guy and I bet he would but again Lagoon thinks I can spend more and ahve a ride shipped grom Germany than fix things between the US's largest Ride manufacture that ar an 1 hour me ghetto
I agree. It's sad to see such a great ride company so close and yet still so far far away. I think I must have drooled the last time I drove through Logan and stopped by S&S and looked at their prototypes. They look so much fun and Lagoon would benefit from having some of their awesome rides.
Anyone know why Lagoon always buys European made rides? I always find that odd... is it just because most major manufacturers like Intamin, B&M, etc. are over there?

On another note, If Lagoon could improve their relationship w/ S&S, maybe S&S could prototype their large rides at Lagoon in some sort of arrangement (after safety tests are conducted of course :lol: )
Or they could just fix relations and get some of the rides
The fact that S&S is building a showcase park in Logan shows that they are willing to spend the money to build the rides simply for show... It is just to bad that Lagoon can't straighten things out with S&S so that they could use Lagoon as a showcase. Even if the ride was only their for a year or two they would get a high dollar ride every couple of years at a minimal cost.
S&S is better having their own park if Lagoon can't realize what a resource S&S is here in Utah then they can be screwed out a great deal.

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