Anyone got old K'nex Coasters sets their not using?
I am looking for any REGULAR sized coasters sets like Rippin Rocket, Screamin Searpent, and Shark Run coaster sets. None of the MINI coaster sets with the MINI K'nex. There harder to find nodays cause K'nex doesn't make the REGULAR sized coasters sets anymore I only see them on Ebay and there way over pricedor I get outbid and now they only make the MINI sets with the smaller track and K'nex pieces so that wont work. Also if you have any REGULAR plain K'nex pieces from another set (For more track supports) supports that would be great. I am trying to collect as many sets as possible and make giant coasters and recreate coasters from Lagoon or from other parks too. I have 2 sets alreay but that isn't enough at all. I will also make a video of my creations and even mount my small cam to it to make POV's and then upload it to Youtube. If anyone has any old sets or K'nex their not using and would want to help me out. They also can be missing parts I don't care for i'm not building the coaster that is on the box or manual. anyone that has any let me know if you do, thanks.
Is this deal still valid? I must have overlooked this thread.

I have four 1.5'x1.5'x1' containers full of sorted K'nex. Including one screaming serpent set, and three motors. Will sell as long as the price I sell it to you covers shipping. Good condition, contains only original parts.

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