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IF Lagoon were to ever sell I think that Cedar Fair would be a good company but S&S would not be good because they don't have the experience in running a full park.
Very true but I know the Freeds will never sell. S&S wouldn't be a good idea anyway they would lose biz if they had their own huge park.
I wouldn't say the cars are ugly, in fact they have a good paint job.

The problem is that the car scheme doesn't go with the track scheme and vice-versa.

The shape of the cars are more rocket-like so I would've gone more towards a space motif.

It'd be cool if the spiral incline track could be placed inside a tube with lights and sounds, but I don't know how the 'tube' would look to the outside observer.

Regardless, the track is looking very nice so far.
When you mentioned putting the spiral lift inside of a tube I envisioned a Hydro Luge tube wrapping up the spiral. LOL.

I have often joked that Jet Star was painted by two teams. The first team painted the cars and the second team painted the track and unfortunately they forgot to communicate. Happy

Who knows, maybe in some strange color contrast the cars will actually look good on the track. But in the case they don't we can all admire the track. Wink
well I heard a rumor that there puttihg in stuatues in the ride. like planets and rockets, so mabey the senery colors will tie in with the ride. Its just a rumor. It would be cool if they did it.
I hope they keep the wood blocks I love block checks! Nothing like caring around aseldge and hitting the wooden blocks into place to make people think its safe!

If the Themeing is true hopfully they don't make it stupid. They were painting pieces of the Hot Rail today.
There is a couple of new pictures of the Jet Star Paint job on
Anyone know what the white support is in the background?

I can't think of any rides that come that close to Jet Star... is it theming?
If I remember correctly that white support is the crane for taking cars off the transfer track so they can take them to the warehouse and work on them.
Ya thats right Will it is the crane to lift the cars off so they can be worked on and to be put on the trailer to be worked on out at the shop.

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