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Woohoo! My brain didn't fail me. LOL.
Did anyone feel the bump (crash or whatever you want to call it) after the inclined helix? That thing was brutal.

I remember one year our car stoped on the block breaks right before the final helix. That car stoped so fast I smashed my jaw into my ex-girlfrieds back.
There was a small "bottom-out" point coming out of the carosel. And thats what those brakes are made to do, stop on a moments notice, it may be rough but its nothing compared to morning tests trust me...

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Morning tests were so much fun. You could just a good stop based on how far the ride rocked back and forth when it slammed into the brakes. LOL.
Morning checks are the best especially when I woould be running the ride for them and me and maitnace worker on Jet would laugh at the people riding in the car.

The Yellow and Red look awesome maybe the cars might look good on there but they should have kept them old school though.
I agree with JP and Ian, the jet cars are a monstrosity. And who the Frick pics out all the Fricken Purple in this park? Ian, any Ideas? :wink: I like the new Red/Yellow but prefer the original Blue Structure/Red Track scheme of the 1970s.
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It's too bad they didn't go with the original color scheme. That would have been really nice. Kind of a "let's get back to our roots" type paint job.
I think they should have left the cars the same color scheme keeping the "old School" look but add some orange and red fire flames to the sides to have a new look to them would have been better than what the cars look like now.
Has anyone actually seen the finished cars yet? I am just wondering how they turned out! There is always the chance that they could be repainted if Lagoon doesn't like the look...
Lagoon picked the colors in the pictures, because they are being painted at Lagoon.
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