Jet Star 2 Discussion Thread
LAgon has some of the best painters well best painter in the world they only have one right now but he is good at painting. They do anything they can in house.
Dose anyone know if the Jet Star is done and when it will be done?
It isnt done ATM, and prolly wont be until July/August.

I heard the stupidest thing the other day though, not sure of the validity, but I heard at work they they might open it even though it isnt painted yet.

Im pretty sure the parts are done, all thats left is the painting so it could be a possibility, but lol. . .
That sounds like a Lagoon Idea they could just finish the paint and act like they run a professional amusement park lol
I thought that the spiral was the only part of the track left to paint. What other parts (if any) haven't been painted yet?
I know the Power Track is finished maybe its the cars.
lol that was me again, it logs me in automatically sometimes, and sometimes it doesnt lol
I haven't received any new photos. Maybe I can email a friend of mine to send some in to me so I can get them posted.
I'm going this weekend and I am getting pics of the whole park for my website check it out when I'm done putting them on my website. I will send some pics to you on jet star 2. Smile
That is true. For those of us that can't get to the park that often, pictures make it better Happy

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