Jet Star 2 Discussion Thread
While searching for the mystery coaster today I ran across this ride and can't help but think you couldn't pay me to get on it...

I've seen rides that need attention but this one looks like it has more rust than steel.
I don't blame you. That Jet Star looks scary. Definately needs some work.
I love the satelitte antanna on the top. I wonder if they do block checks from the sky. Needs a new paint job, then it will be fine.
A man would rather have a good scare over good advice.
[Image: mba-badge-purple.jpg]

Na the satelite helps improve cell phone usaged by 33 % around the Jet Star LOL. Lagoons had spots that look similar like that but not as bad.
so is the fet star open or will it be open by june 3?
Don't expect to see Jet Star back in action until the end of June. But the new sign looks GREAT!
Where's all of the pictures of this ride???
You can find pictures of Jet Star by clicking on the Photos tab at the top of this webpage and then clicking on the Page 1 link under the title Jet Star 2.
They have been working on Jet Star again lately, even during the day. So hopefully in the next few weeks we can see some trainings happen (hopefully). Other than that, its looking pretty good. Walking by today, I noticed one of the new cars on the side track Happy
How did the car look???

Does it work with the new colors or does it look bad?

Pictures please :lol:

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