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One thing I was noticing while looking at the new photos of the Jet Star the other night was that they kept the railing around the ride blue. I think that they should have painted the outside railings black so it would have tied into the colors of the cars better, especially since there isn't any other blue on the ride other than the railings.
I wonder if the fencing is last to be painted. Seems weird to me to paint the rest of the ride and not that.
the railing hasn't been done yet- no worries!
Looking again at the car on the track again. . . The paint one the new cars looks friggin awesome on the new track colours IMO.
I hate it when I do that. That last post was me.
I havent really got any cameras, or any way of taking the pics personally sorry. The Jet Star is almost done though, for those who want to know. They just have 1-2 peices of the track, and a small section of the supports to paint, then a short wait for some parts from Schwatzkopf. So hopefully we can make it for a July 4 opening. (dont hold your breath though)
oh well that is ok. i want to lagoon yesterday. The only spots they havent painted is pare of the lift part of the first drop one ne of the breaks and the railings. there is still only one car on. The new sign looks great. i think is is purple red and yellow. the new car looks great on the track. i just wonder where the other cars are at?
I have pics of the ride when my wife and I visited last week. But it may be a few weeks before I put them on because I have to develop the film and that costs money. Frown But I will do what I can to get them up as quickly as possible.
Have to say upfront I'm not a fan of the new paint myself. But, I bet those cars are going to really stand out when racing around the track -which could be a cool effect. I'm interested to see what it looks like when it all comes together.

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