Jet Star 2 Discussion Thread
Me Too! :lol:
Progress is moving along and there almost finshed so don't worry.
When is this ride going to open, and is Cliffhanger running or is it down for the season?
Theyre trying ti get Jet Star Opened on Saturday (July2) If it cannot be made then, it will be July 4. The driveline for cliff is at Lagoon, not sure on an eta though. I am pretty sure theyre shooting for this year though, if they can get the maintainence crews staffed.
I'm glad Jet Star is going to be open soon. I've missed that ride!

Mike 8)
Me Too...
We should throw a Jet Star opening party this weekend in a chatroom. That would be a lot of fun.

June 30th Jet Star 2 was testing its cars, and training has started in the mornings. I am excited...
I called Lagoon last night, they told me they weren't sure when it was going to open. They did tell me (like you've already heard) that they are testing cars and that if I called back tomorrow they could tell me if it would be open. I'm going to call today to see if Jet Star is open and I'll tel you all know.

Mike 8)
I called Lagoon yesterday and Jet Star was closed. So that means it's opening tomorrow! I'm not going to be able to go (sisters birthday), but I'll be going on Tuesday hopefully. I'll give you guys my opinion on how the "refurbished" Jet Star is.

Mike 8)

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