Salt Lake City Fear Factory
Check out this article I found discussing a new haunted attraction in Salt Lake City:

Quote:Developers are pouring in millions to create what they hope will be one of the largest haunted attractions unique to anything else in the country in downtown Salt Lake City.

It's going to be a huge haunted house. A rundown 30's eraa cement factory seemed to be an apt location for the creators of Salt Lake City Fear Factory on 666 West and 800 South.

"It's creepy here at night. When the sun goes down you start hearing noises and you're not quite sure if you wanna be here," says developer Keith Sharp.

The Fear Factory sits on more than two acres and may already be recognized by passersby with the graffitti art that is coming to life on the side of the building.

"This isn't your typical one level haunted attraction. We've got two different underground tunnel systems about 300 feet worth. We got torture chambers and cat walks. We've got three silos and they're about three stories high," says Sharp. He said their are "rumors" that a slide will be at the top for a final ride down from the top.

They hope to have the haunted area ready by September. They hope to make it a year-round attraction for special events.

"It will be like a Disneyland-quality theme park haunted attraction, it's going to be great," says Sharp.

You can check out the Fear Factory Website at

You can also check out the video version of this story at
sounds cool!
That's a great idea. I was a crew member for a few films that shot at this location. It is super creepy. The films that have been shot there were "Disney's Dadnapped" and "Animals".
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