Always Changing Entertainment
I spotted the following post on Lagoon's Facebook page recently, and I personally laughed when I read it. Here is the quote:

Quote:Lagoon is very well known for it's fun, energetic, and always-changing entertainment. What has been your FAVORITE show to watch during the Frightmares season???

I agree that Lagoon has been known for fun, energetic, and always-changing entertainment, but I don't know if I would describe it as that now days. What do you think?

Discuss. Smile
Are they trying to rest of their past laurels!? What have they done for us lately! lol... Notserious
our entertainment we get from lagoon is still very good tho overall.....i'm not complaining....and u have to be excited for frightmares and the new haunted house....I think we got to many whiners here sheesh....
I'm not saying the entertainment isn't good, but I don't really classify it as always changing. Isn't one of the shows basically a rehash of an earlier show? Additionally, they are all sing & dance shows. I don't mind sing & dance shows, but I would like to see something with some substance other than watching a group sing well known hits and dancing around the stage. I think that is why L'orage was one of the best shows I have seen at Lagoon in years. It was something different than a sing & dance show. That is also why I like Hackenslash, so I am looking forward to that. Smile
I agree they always have the same songs but I realy don't
care. (not in a mean way) I LOVE the shows.

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