I recently discovered a lot of great Instagram photos taken at Lagoon that were not shared over Twitter (or I haven't spotted them on), so I am now starting another photo thread for Instagram. Much like the Twitter one, anyone can use this thread to share Lagoon photos shared on Instagram. I will periodically check Instagram for photos that I really like and share them as well. If you use an Instagram account and want me to follow you using the official LagoonIsFun Instagram account, please let me know what your Instagram name is.

Here are just some of the photos I spotted today:

[Image: a5f013dabdad11e1a92a1231381b6f02_7.jpg]
Courtesy of @imtopsyturvy

[Image: 0a0de054bd9f11e1b2fe1231380205bf_7.jpg]
Courtesy of @tantappras

[Image: 6f8d6620bd8111e1a92a1231381b6f02_7.jpg]
Courtesy of @gooeysmama
[Image: 1757b236be2011e181bd12313817987b_7.jpg]
Courtesy of hkouba

[Image: 396f59babe2e11e180c9123138016265_7.jpg]
Courtesy of ashleo

[Image: 38bf2e3ebe3611e18cf91231380fd29b_7.jpg]
Courtesy of ashleo

[Image: 19341aecbe4111e1abd612313810100a_7.jpg]
Courtesy of mindylei

[Image: 3bba9198be4811e1b2fe1231380205bf_7.jpg]
Courtesy of ashleo

[Image: c5ae44aebe5b11e18bb812313804a181_7.jpg]
Courtesy of thwalks22

[Image: d9a521babe5d11e1a9f71231382044a1_7.jpg]
Courtesy of ashleo

[Image: dc66f8ecbe6211e1b9f1123138140926_7.jpg]
Courtesy of Seamus K

[Image: 381b755abe6311e188131231381b5c25_7.jpg]
Courtesy of Seamus K

[Image: 41093b04be6611e1ab011231381052c0_7.jpg]
Courtesy of Kirsten Mortensen
[Image: 061653c0be7411e1b2fe1231380205bf_7.jpg]
Courtesy of ashleo

[Image: 5b446a6abe7b11e180d51231380fcd7e_7.jpg]
Courtesy of ashleo

[Image: c9237404be8011e1b2fe1231380205bf_7.jpg]
Courtesy of ashleo

[Image: 6aecde22be8311e19894123138140d8c_7.jpg]
Courtesy of ashleo
[Image: 5ba2ec56bfdf11e19dc71231380fe523_7.jpg]
Photo by Kevin Swiss

[Image: 779d4196c00611e188131231381b5c25_7.jpg]
Photo by Craig Lustman
[Image: 96f1f88cc01c11e180d51231380fcd7e_7.jpg]
Photo by jenna

[Image: 3f3012d0c08c11e18cf91231380fd29b_7.jpg]
Photo by Adiel Cloud

[Image: 0e886364c0b211e19e4a12313813ffc0_7.jpg]
Photo by Adiel Cloud

[Image: 3824df90c0bc11e180c9123138016265_7.jpg]
Photo by jillclark64

[Image: edf848a6c0cc11e1a9f71231382044a1_7.jpg]
Photo by Adiel Cloud

[Image: f83ede5ac0cd11e1a39b1231381b7ba1_7.jpg]
Photo by Melissa Jones
I think we have some really nice photos here today. Hope you enjoy checking them out as much as I do. Smile Today's photo collection includes random comments by me. Happy

[Image: 7e5b0c46c25611e19dc71231380fe523_7.jpg]
Photo by jacobflevi

[Image: 6b732f6ac2f511e18e3c22000a1e8b97_7.jpg]
Photo by Kameron Smith

According to Kameron, the miniature circus and toy/doll museum is "the only attraction worth seeing at Lagoon." Do you agree with that comment?

[Image: 9c6a0a0ac30c11e1a23c22000a1c9e05_7.jpg]
Photo by Eva Chavez

[Image: 63fb3fb6c31311e19c6622000a1e89ba_7.jpg]
Photo by Elizabeth G.

Elizabeth added the hashtag #GiveMeDisneylandOrGiveMeDeath with her picture, and someone else added the #lagoonistheworstplaceonearth in the comments on this photo.

[Image: 8680a830c32e11e1be6a12313820455d_7.jpg]
Photo by Eva Chavez

Eva posted the following with this photo: "Noooo!" I'm guessing she didn't want the tree in the photo. Happy

[Image: ca7abc70c33211e19b0622000a1e8a4f_7.jpg]
Photo by Eva Chavez

[Image: 950e5062c33511e19c6622000a1e89ba_7.jpg]
Photo by Jill Morgan

[Image: c6fbc450c3a411e1a38422000a1c8933_7.jpg]
Photo by heidihooper

That looks refreshing especially as warm as it has been today.

[Image: e2ec4870c3cb11e1abd612313810100a_7.jpg]
Photo by Erik

[Image: 3edb179ec19011e18bb812313804a181_7.jpg]
Photo by Brad Muramoto

Brad posted this photo with the comment: "Is this some kind of sick joke?" I'm confused because I thought this was just a merchandise stand. One of the people leaving a comment on this photo goes on to say that Central Park Gifts has three locations. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the name just a play on the location of the merchandise stand at Lagoon? It's only a coincidence that the name of the stand mirrors an actual retail shop somewhere else.

Another person comments, "Who do they think they're kidding? We should unite our powers to shut it down." I must be missing something because I really don't understand the problem. Brad's final comment I guess sums up his frustration with a merchandise stand at a family-owned amusement park in this way: "I like your idea better @karenzelnick, because I almost threw a brick at the window. Powers Unite!"

If someone can enlighten me into what is going on, I would appreciate it. Happy

[Image: 601e1f36c1a011e18cf91231380fd29b_7.jpg]
Photo by Aspen
Time for some more Instagram photos!!

[Image: 865ec476c4e211e18cf91231380fd29b_7.jpg]
Photo by Phoenix Hammond

[Image: 6e677d5ac4be11e19894123138140d8c_7.jpg]
Photo by Savannah Hughes

[Image: 1a1a017ac4ad11e1be6a12313820455d_7.jpg]
Photo by Braidy Mills

[Image: 28814640c48c11e1985822000a1d011d_7.jpg]
Photo by summerdreaminghc

[Image: 7208ba68c3c011e19ab222000a1e8819_7.jpg]
Photo by christopherstephenson

[Image: 00082ef4c47d11e1985822000a1d011d_7.jpg]
Photo by samanthadubya

[Image: f41f9e7ac47111e1bef722000a1e8bb5_7.jpg]
Photo by jenny andrus

[Image: 4698f628c40511e19e4a12313813ffc0_7.jpg]
Photo by christopherstephenson

[Image: 2cbeaaeac40511e1aee522000a1e8a5f_7.jpg]
Photo by christopherstephenson

[Image: c107b802c40211e1a8761231381b4856_7.jpg]
Photo by Bronson Wright

[Image: 2f1a9994c3f011e1b00112313800c5e4_7.jpg]
Photo by christopherstephenson
[Image: e36e6b04c59a11e1bf341231380f8a12_7.jpg]
Photo by Steve P Photographer

[Image: eede0c1cc56b11e1a23c22000a1c9e05_7.jpg]
Photo by Steve P Photographer

[Image: bc99e566c58711e19b0622000a1e8a4f_7.jpg]
Photo by Steve P Photographer

[Image: 9dc7a224c59911e181bd12313817987b_7.jpg]
Photo by Cameron Burch

[Image: 0b5f52f2c59311e1abd612313810100a_7.jpg]
Photo by Lexi Carson

[Image: 8f534d9ec59211e1b00112313800c5e4_7.jpg]
Photo by Lexi Carson

[Image: 3ddb4822c59211e1bf341231380f8a12_7.jpg]
Photo by Lexi Carson

[Image: 6616e8e2c59111e1a39b1231381b7ba1_7.jpg]
Photo by TJ Hammond

[Image: f3cb692ec55511e1aaec22000a1e88af_7.jpg]
Photo by Jessica White

[Image: 18d0dd5cc57a11e1b10e123138105d6b_7.jpg]
Photo by erinboyle

[Image: bc218a42c56611e1a38422000a1c8933_7.jpg]
Photo by trosslars

[Image: ebbe8608c53211e1aaec22000a1e88af_7.jpg]
Photo by sydnee pico
Thumbs Up 
[Image: f6087c90c64f11e181bd12313817987b_7.jpg]
Photo by Weston Edwards

[Image: 37d2eef0c63011e1abd612313810100a_7.jpg]
Photo by Brett Kirby

[Image: e1812de6c62f11e1b2fe1231380205bf_7.jpg]
Photo by Brett Kirby

[Image: 2926fd30c62911e19c6622000a1e89ba_7.jpg]
Photo by doug_farr

[Image: 7e94b692c6e011e1af7612313813f8e8_7.jpg]
Photo by Dadby Gallahad

[Image: b1e7d3acc61e11e181bd12313817987b_7.jpg]
Photo by Manu
It's been a few days since I last shared some of the photos I've seen on Instagram, so here is another set of photos. Enjoy!

[Image: 271d92d6ca1311e18e3c22000a1e8b97_7.jpg]
Photo by Michelle Lee

[Image: 721884d6ca1211e19b0622000a1e8a4f_7.jpg]
Photo by Michelle Lee

[Image: 9d1829b2ca0711e1bf341231380f8a12_7.jpg]
Photo by Melissa Comer

[Image: 82c56acac98511e1abd612313810100a_7.jpg]
Photo by catyfoye

[Image: 79b84fd8c98a11e1a39b1231381b7ba1_7.jpg]
Photo by Raul Martinez

[Image: 84e061e0c96f11e1a8761231381b4856_7.jpg]
Photo by amy7729

[Image: 94d9a654c97111e1a94522000a1e8aaf_7.jpg]
Photo by Eva Chavez

[Image: 755c26b2c95811e1aaec22000a1e88af_7.jpg]
Photo by caleb cannon

[Image: 7aa8e430c95711e19894123138140d8c_7.jpg]
Photo by Flor Olivo

[Image: cb2554ccc92311e19e4a12313813ffc0_7.jpg]
Photo by fashiongrunge

[Image: 84929648c91211e1b00112313800c5e4_7.jpg]
Photo by Ally Mecham

[Image: 0454c0d6c7f111e19b0622000a1e8a4f_7.jpg]
Photo by Mackie Mullane

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