Check out my insta at reznikisaacson I have a few pics at lagoon
(03-13-2013, 04:44 PM)airracelover Wrote: Check out my insta at reznikisaacson I have a few pics at lagoon

Checked them out. Thanks for sharing. If you take any Instagram pics this year at Lagoon, tag them with #lagoonisfun and you will see them appear in this topic!! Happy
You should put my insta pics here but you don't have to just if you want
I try to post recent pics in this thread. If I had seen them last year, I would have posted them. However, I did add them to our Photo Gallery.
Here's the beginning of it:
Big opening day Instagram photo update!! Many of these photos were sent out on various social networks today, but I wanted to make sure to post them here too in case anyone missed them. Smile

But first, I want to put out a big thanks to gregwibert for helping me with many of the Lagoon Is Fun photos that went out today. I wasn't able to get to the park until 2:30 p.m., so he sent me pics to resend under the LIF banner. It was awesome!

[Image: 423145810534499422_174461696_lagoonisfun...ca372c.jpg]

[Image: 423150159700591831_174461696_lagoonisfun...302cd9.jpg]

[Image: 423155275669341525_174461696_lagoonisfun...85d582.jpg]

[Image: 423183268043196372_174461696_lagoonisfun...84ece2.jpg]

[Image: 423197124748543262_174461696_lagoonisfun...e35084.jpg]

[Image: 423198224084010303_174461696_lagoonisfun...33a9f3.jpg]

[Image: 423257042797102771_174461696_lagoonisfun...3d11b3.jpg]

[Image: 423288003739944337_174461696_lagoonisfun...341f3b.jpg]

[Image: 423344456127383425_174461696_lagoonisfun...55f4f1.jpg]

[Image: 423171158234812453_27134531_veronica3928...db301c.jpg]

[Image: 423270021845452535_51322784_tusdai_031ca...a12f90.jpg]

[Image: 423286344029799571_51322784_tusdai_940f4...7a5fd3.jpg]

[Image: 423289050747979002_174557384_lilhypnokat...74199c.jpg]

[Image: 423366375376651461_51322784_tusdai_5229c...9e744e.jpg]

[Image: 423389699555280181_187725848_utahshejh2_...34c3f5.jpg]
Thanks for posting the pictures. I enjoyed checking the updates throughout the day.
Opening day was a blast!! Thanks Lagoon!

The new tea cups are beautiful! The pictures dont do them justice Smile
Had a blast on opening day with sid and blaine and greg!
[Image: grossca3_wicked.jpg]

[Image: lagoonpark_drown_the_clown.jpg]

[Image: lagoonpark_rattlesnake.jpg]

[Image: tannersthename_fire_dragon.jpg]

[Image: utahshejh2_fountain.jpg]

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