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Whats your favorite Coaster Company to ride?
Mine would have to be Arrow. I like Intamin and B&M they give a sweet rides and they are awesome compoanies. But There is nothing like the feel of a classic Arrow Corkscrew or Hyper Coaster.
Arrow would also be one of my favorites.
i think that arrow should of asked for more money for X
but that is just me
How much was X built for?
I thin it was around 14 mill. if my memory is correct.

Mike B)
I've only ridden coasters at Lagoon, sadly, so my vote goes to Schwarzkopf. I have heard that Intamin makes kick butt coasters with the best brakes in the world. The brakes are so good they charge extra for them.

Mike B)
I'm not sure what company I would say that I enjoy. I've ridden lots of coasters by lots of builders and I honestly think it depends on the style of coaster that the company builds. Some companies are better at certain styles and stunts than others.
I still have to like Arrows, they just are awesome but Intamins doesn't build their brakes they buy them from another company that just does brakes. B&M's are good rides also.
I guess that explains why the brakes cost. LOL. But now that Arrow is mentioned, I would have to say that every Arrow ride I have ever been on has been a great one! I have yet to be disappointed by an Arrow designed roller coaster.
Arrow knew what they were doing. Thats probably a huge reason S&S bought them.

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