2007 Coaster info
I Emailed Lagoon and they said this.....Thank you for your email.
This sounds like fun.
haha. I just really can't wait until things are revealed.


This pipeline rumor seems to hold up. I've seen pics of pipelines but does anyone know where I could find better ones. rcdb really has got nothin so, if ya know where to find one, let me know
Kay, I went to google and found THIS!
well, you can't see it but the wikipedia encyclodepia popped up and gave me info on the arrow pipeline coaster.
So, I found more about the arrow pipeline coaster and so I typed in "pipeline coaster" on google and went to images and found some.

it's not as good as some coasters I've been on Wink but, it does look really good for lagoon.

Lagoon said that zierer designed the coaster and that a nearby company made the track and supports and cars ect. So, there is not really any nearby company except for S&S and Arrow. (from what i've heard, they've broke off and are on their own again. on rcdb, they have different locations so yeah.) Lagoon said that their relations with S&S is dead so it has to be Arrow. No arrow coasters have a barrel roll (said earlier that this coaster will have at least 2)so, no coasters done by arrow have a barrel roll except for the pipeline. See where I'm going! If I am putting all these rumors together (which I am doing) then it all boils down to the pipeline coaster!

I was just kidding about the pipeline......

Unless the marekting manager dude meant that the ride would have two heartline rolls instead of two barrel rolls. But even if he did say that the new coaster would have two heartline rolls, I still wouldn't consider the pipeline a possibility.

Who knows, maybe Lagoon is going for most inversions on a coaster. That could be why they're only telling us two of the inversions. The other 9 are top secret. This one could actually be a plausable rumor too. Since the current record holder Colossus at Thorpe Park is only 98 ft. tall. If Lagoon is building the rumored 110-120 ft. 11 or more inversions would be possible.

Harry, wikipedia isn't a reliable source btw. You or I could go on there and change any information we wanted.

Mike 8)
got it Wink


But, screamscape has said that ejainika (or however the new 4th x (x is demension) coaster is spelt) is then record holder with 14 inversion. guinness book of world records has already given a plaque to fuji-q highland. They count the number of track inversions and the number of car inversions.
Oh yeah I forgot about that. Maybe Lagoon is going for most tracked inversions then. Because I'm sure that Eejanaika will use the rotation of the cars to make some of those inversions possible. But I guess we won't know for sure until It opens though.

Mike 8)
To my understanding Arrow was the company that designed this coaster? Arrow has a pipeline prototype built here in Utah but has not sold any pipeline coasters to any parks. In all the reading I've been doing on pipeline coasters no other park (except for one in Japan) has a pipeline coaster, not even Six Flags or Cedar Fair. From what I've heard Lagoon wants to so something no other park has and is unique to every coaster out there. It sounds to me the pipeline may be the 2007 coaster.
One of my life time goals is to visit every amusement park world wide (or atleast nation wide) and ride every roller coaster.
Based on what I've been reading there are some misconceptions about who designed the coaster and how it will be built.
Everything Velco said is correct except...the only thing Zierer has to do with anything is the building off the Trains. Everything else is done locally
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