2007 Coaster info
Harry, I have seen the site plan for the new ride, and it looks to be a sweet ride. And yes it is 110 feet at its highest point. The footprint is about 400 ft by 150 feet, as far as the area it takes up, so yeah basically everything you see currently fenced off in the parking lot. Lagoon is quoted as saying they have gotten "the best of the best on everything" for this ride. So I think they'll surprise ya. I know everyone that has seen them that i talk with says that they cant wait to ride the thing!
Sounds like a really compact coaster for a coaster of that hieght, the g's are or will be alot if not to much, so are you sure on the site plan, maybe its 150 yards x 400 yards a coaster of 110' needs a good amount of space to be launched (at least i have heard its launched) and some area to be a cooldown, or a geforce reduce area ecspecially after the first drop although maybe i am wrong.
'guest' maybe im wrong but i remember in a previous source you said the coaster was done in-house (design and construction) now maybe im wrong but my source is pretty sure the only thing from the company is the trains. And I agree with 'Someone' a site plan that small would be such a toll on the human body at 110'. And I have seen markings from the rollercoaster til about 5 feet from the campground gate, hopefully when we see some footers we will truely see some size and even a layout for this coaster. Anyway here's the statements that have been posted on this site so far.

110 Feet

(Rumored) Launch

Sit Down Coaster

At Least 2 Barrel Rolls (Confirmed by Lagoon)

Opening in 2007

Design and Construction done inhouse.

Other than that I think we are finally in for some exciting stuff over the winter.
P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for track if 'guest' is correct with footers come supports and with supports come track. Look to the north or even the south (campground) as staging areas for track and supports.) Who knows maybe they are hiding it in Farmington.
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That "guest" dude is fuc*ing with you. If you haven't noticed, his/her recent comments contradict the comments previously made in the past. I doubt this "guest" person is even the origional guest that was posting before. He/she is messing with your head, ignore him/her.
I have seen the plans,and thats why I would know that the plans are in German
Phew! Glad that's over with.

Mike 8)
today i went to lagoon and found a lot of information about the coaster from employees....

the first guy i asked, i think he is a manager or something.
the way both employees described it seemed like Lagoon One Hour Photo Guys picture.
The first person is probably right. Launch coasters usually go up a big hill after the launch and back down don't they? Tongue The Second person is very wrong. 80 mph is a bit fast to be going up a 150 foot hill. Not to mention we already know that it will be 110 feet tall.
i asked the second guy twice.

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