(06-29-2016, 12:46 AM)Willenator Wrote: They are getting really good at offering an updated animation of their coaster. Now they just need to start building the darn thing!

Yes, yes... but now you can get in on the ground floor and be an investor in those ever-improving animations! Rolleyes It does look like it would be a great ride if it ever gets built, but man... that is just one heck of a long vertical launch.

Am I losing my mind, or does it look like their animation is using ART Engineering cars? I thought I read this was an Intamin, but I'll admit I'm not too familiar with Intamin's work these days... just looks strikingly close to Cannibal's cars.
[Image: KjjK7wV.jpg]

I'm so excited I get to add something to this thread again!!

The polercoaster for Atlantic City has received funding approval! This is exciting news for all you polercoaster fans who have enjoyed riding popular polercoasters like the one in <cancelled> and the other one in <delayed>. Here is the info on the Atlantic City one:

Quote:The 350-foot-high vertical Polercoaster is officially coming to Atlantic City.

On Thursday, the New Jersey Economic Development Authority approved an application to pay 27.8 percent of the project's total cost, clearing the final funding hurdle before construction begins next month. It is expected to be completed before the summer season in 2019.

The group also has plans for other attractions near the site including a zipline, extreme ninja course, an XD Theatre, a skydiving simulator, a bar, and retail space.

It is unclear if there will be an official groundbreaking by the city next month.

You can read the entire article here: http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/news/...184fa.html
Wow, next month? That sounds pretty serious.
Wow, that's cool. It sure seemed like a dream that would never come true a few years ago.

Polercoasters are the new monorail.
"Mono... D'oh!" LMAO... good ol' Monorail. Such a classic!

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