Olympic Bobsled Track Cam Mount On-ride (HD POV) Olympic Park Utah
(04-05-2014, 06:07 AM)Deathbyillusion Wrote: The Kerns Aquatic Center has Olympic regulation diving platforms meaning that they can be qualified and could be used in an Olympic event as they meet the right requirements. same for the lap pool too and people have trained many times for the summer Olympics there. Im just stating they have EVERYTHING they need for the swimming and diving parts. There is even stadium like seating too.

Also sometimes its better to tell a white lie then tell the truth because you may hurt someone else's feelings.
Venues built Specifically for the Games are usually required by the International Olympic Committee. All Olympic Aquatics Venues have to meet certain criteria, including but not limited to, enough seating for spectators, areas for the Media, areas for the Athletes, etc. It would be embarrassing to have a Rec Center as an Olympic Venue. lol I mean, the smallest capacity for an Olympic Aquatics Venue since the 1956 Melourne Games (6,000) was Seoul in 1988 (8,000). Athens had 23,000...Beijing 54,000...London 20,500...and Rio will have 23,000.

I also prefer to just be up front and honest. Lying serves no purpose, and if someone takes my honesty wrong, I'm sorry, but that's just how I roll. lol My friends should know me well enough to know I'd never mean anything rude or mean through my words, even if I'm being blunt. Wink
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