I ran across this on surfing the net and thought I would share....

"(Tuesday, August 9, 2004) - At an amusement park in Cologne, Germany, a 14-year-old girl was killed when the operators of a catapult-bungee ride released her carriage before her safety harness was secured. The carriage launched to 150 feet in the air, ejecting the victim, who fell to her death. A 16-year-old girl who was riding with the victim was able to cling to the carriage and avoid serious injury."

Can you imagine??? Makes me cringe just thinking about it.
That's aweful. I can't understand why the operators wouldn't doulble check the safety harness before launching the ride. How sad.
That is horrible. I have a worse one though. In the 1970's at a carnival there was a maintenance guy working on a ride similar to Music Express at Lagoon. He was in the middle fixing some things when the ride suddenly turned on and he fell into the middle of the machine works where he was squeezed through a foot long diameter tube. He was crushed to death.
Thats why the started using Lock out Tag out
It really concerns me to think of something like that happening. I used to operate the catapult at lagoon and know what it takes to keep the guests safe. It really doesn't take much if you do your job correctly. I just hope that operators will be more careful.

Smile, it will make people wonder.
Ya Catapult has 2 ops that each check each restraint and if they are not then thats very sad.
One thing that I noticed that happens at Lagoon with the Catipult is that the ride doesn't start until the restraints are properly in place. With rides like this one and Sky Coaster it is good to have people check and double check everytime each time the ride goes into operation.
Sky Coaster has lots of double checks. Its part of Sky Coaster as a company they have rules that all parks with one have to live up to or they cannot operate the Sky Coaster.
Yup you are correct

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