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(06-15-2015, 02:58 PM)Z Wrote: It holds a single lane of traffic. It is the one that connects 200W with 500 W.

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Yeah were talking about the same bridge. I use that road all the time. 500 West under is runs 4 lanes when really it should only be 2. They need to update the bridge I guess would be better than retire it. 500 west needs more space underneath.
I know what you mean now. I agree that it's not long enough. I think it will be torn out before it is replaced.

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(06-15-2015, 11:00 AM)Coasters Wrote: Someone probably eventually would have but the huge success of the area I don't think would have happened. I know the railroads started Lagoon. The Mormon's did help finish the continental railroad and had a line extended down to SLC to help finish the temple. So Lagoon in a very roundabout way still has the Mormon's to thank.
Actually, it was Chinese, Irish, Greek, and other Immigrants that built the Transcontinental Railroad. Wink Mormons did provide some labor, mostly surveying, and they did petition the congress to build the railroad. It was the Utah and Northern Railway that was Built by Mormons. Wink

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