Bring Back Patio Gardens!!!
(02-18-2016, 06:20 PM)Brădēn Wrote: I'm thinking convert Game Time back into the Patio Gardens as an indoor entertainment venue like they have done with Davis Pavilion. They could use it as a haunted house for Frightmares and keep the Dracula's Castle facade for an entrance used only during Frightmares. Then get rid of Carousel Theater and update Lagoon Music Theater as the outdoor venue.

I like this idea. Patio Gardens has a lot of historic value. Back when Lagoon was hosting concerts there, admission was a small cost and rides were a la carte. It would be difficult to get people to pay for concerts, but a larger venue for the music shows needs to happen. I wonder though if Lagoon advertised concerts/live music from local bands or touring acts if they could bump ticket sales relatively inexpensively. Perhaps a late evening concert with bands being given an opportunity to play.

The Carousel Theater is too small for a more theatrical show. I miss the Music USA shows at Lagoon Music Theater. The selections from various broadway shows was better suited to the size of stage they had at the time. They were less pop and more classic.

Y'know, I always regret being too young to have ever gotten to see some of the great bands they had play concerts at Lagoon back in the day. If I had one wish, it would be for Lagoon to have big concerts again. Just something classic about the idea of hearing bands like The Beach Boys play while the rides echoed in the background. Reality is, hard to attract bands to a concert inside of an amusement park and make money at it (people aren't going to pay $50 admission and then pay another $50 on top of that to see a show).

But, I just had a wild thought: what if Game Time could be converted into a concert venue that was accessible both to park guests AND concert-goers? Game Time is uniquely located where it could be made accessible both to people inside the park, as well as those who just came for the concert. You could fairly easily design a concert venue that could keep folks who were there just for the concert outside of the amusement park (concert-only side and park guest side). Suddenly, you can book bigger guests where people who have no interest in coming into the park can buy tickets for it, but people who might want a day at the park followed by a great concert can buy a package deal & get both for a discount (e.g. buy a park admission pass and get half off the concert tickets).

Maybe I'm finally going senile, but dude, if that were possible... holy crap. Heck, you could even make it convertible so that in the off-season, they could still hold concerts there without having to have people come into the park.
Z posted this back in June....
Interesting read; thanks for sharing, Greg (and Z!)

I still think there's a place for live concerts there again... just look at how popular the Peppermill Concert Hall is out in Wendover these days, and it holds crowds about the same size as I'd guess Lagoon would manage at a rebirthed concert hall. Oh well, a boy can dream...
There was talk many years ago about removing Music USA/Lagoon Music Theatre and building a New Indoor Theater accessible from the Park and parking lot.

It would make more sense to demo the Terrace Gardens/Game Time Building, and build a new building for any use.

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I've wanted a new live entertainment venue for awhile. Something much larger than Carousel theater would be nice.

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Carousel theater is just a joke for entertainment, last year it was full during the day show! During frightmares is not even funny, lagoon needs to get a hint and either expand it or reopen music usa.

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