High Striker
I was looking forward to trying the new High Striker game on the midway. I even challenged one of my kids for top score.

We went last week and tried it out. We were both very disappointed. The game is painfully obviously crooked. I don't mind the games being rigged in one way or another, like using smaller rims on basketball based games or larger balls. I'm ok with that.

But when a game is obviously set up so that no one will win unless the operator decides to let them, the fun is all gone for me. We watched lots of people play and it became clear that if you spent enough money you would win, regardless of your size or strength. If you only bought one game, you would loose pitifully no matter how hard you hit it. In one particularly glaring manipulation, a skinny little kid bought several games and hit it over and over with pretty much the same weak swings. On the final one he hit it on the very edge and rang the bell with a score of 150. The next player was a massive dude who unfortunately only bought one game. He pounded that thing with very impressive swings but did not score higher than 17 out of 150. The operator just told him that he must have hit it a little off center or something. Uh huh, when the previous player rang the bell by hitting the edge. Right.

I know they can adjust the game for who is playing, but there is little likelihood that the massive dude would only score 17 and I scored 76. Both of us were adult males with similar height and I know I didn't hit it as hard as he did.

And what might you ask was the valuable top prize that they were protecting anyone from winning without paying at least $10? An inflatable toy hammer.

Lagoon, I expected more.
I have watched the new Hi Striker game this season and have not witness anything like that. I did see how hitting it right in the center was not as effective as hitting it off center, but nothing of someone having to buy multiple games to get the high score.

Sorry to hear that happened, however. Not saying you're wrong, just didn't witness something like that when I saw it personally. Usually with midway games, there's a certain way to win the game which takes skill and/or knowledge. Maybe this High Striker is to hit it off center and with specific amount of force. If too much, it will go down from the top score so that it would seem more "fair" for everyone to get the chance for the big prize.

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I'm intrigued now and want to go watch the game.
It is 100% digital (similar to a slot machine). Lagoon can probably make it pay out whenever they want. I agree with Walter, it is totally rigged.
it's not rigged it's broken, it was closed tonight
It could easily be both.

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(07-03-2016, 11:50 PM)RCF Wrote: It could easily be both.

But you'll never know if you don't open the box.

Haha. Midway games based on quantum physics could be real money makers.

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(07-04-2016, 11:31 AM)Brădēn Wrote: Haha. Midway games based on quantum physics could be real money makers.

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I think we have a candidate for our first game, although to be fair, this is squarely in the special relativity section of the midway, not the quantum mechanics zone...

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