I have a small group of LIF users helping me test out a new idea for LIF. I'm looking to expand the group. If you are interested, please let me know by replying. Thanks!
Since I haven't had any takers on the testing, I thought I'd reveal what I'm doing to the remainder of the LIF Forum community. I'm in the process of creating a Lagoon Is Fun social network. I've had a very small group on it testing out as I started working on it. I believe I have it to a point where there is enough functionality to make it useful to others, so I would like to see more people give it a try and join us.

Come see for yourself:
What is the imzy thing?
Imzy is the other site I'm testing out. It's a relatively new social network for communities. Still in beta and requires an invite to get in. You don't have a wall or a friends feed, but you do have a feed of the various communities you follow. Most communities allow anyone to post and share to it. I started playing around with the site in the beginning of July. Thought it would be interesting to try a page for LIF on their and see how it shapes up.

I kind of want to compare the social network I'm working on with Imzy and see which one would work better for LIF going forward.
I finally fixed an issue with comments while viewing the social network on a mobile device. If you tied, you would find that comments three or four deep would be squashed to the side of the screen. That is no longer an issue. If you are using it on your phone or tablet, let me know how it looks now. Smile
I've noticed about seven people have requested invites on Imzy through the Lagoon Is Fun group over the past two weeks, but they haven't joined after I have sent out the invite. If you are one of the seven, did you have an issue receiving the invite or didn't receive it at all? With Imzy still in beta, I know the site has a few issues and want to make sure anyone interested in being on the Imzy group gets in.
I haven't received the invite at all for myself.

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Just in case there's any confusion, invites have to be requested from imzy.
(10-13-2016, 02:47 PM)RCF Wrote: I haven't received the invite at all for myself.

I did see your email come through a few days ago and approved it the same day. I'll send you a PM.

(10-13-2016, 06:32 PM)Brăden Wrote: Just in case there's any confusion, invites have to be requested from imzy.

Yep. If it is done at the page, it will send the request to me to approve too. Smile

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