Great Frightmares Video
Thought I'd share a new video from our friend Vince. There are a lot of good shots in here, especially of Cannibal.
Arg, 1080p60! My computer! Seriously, man... this poor video card. It was good once...

ROFL @2:36. Nice li'l video!
Vince took some amazing video of that day at lagoon! I think that is one of the best videos i've seen anyone shoot of the park.
Vince definitely shot some great video. Did it seem like the night show was sped up a little to you guys (probably on purpose?) What a great sunny day at the park too...missing it already.  Rolleyes
Loved it!
That was entertaining.
[Image: a2a765f7757b7b989a73bfe9ca7b5196.png]

The Lost History of Saltair -- Coasters Connected -- No Limits
Hi five to Vince for an awesome video! Glad you liked Lagoon as much as we do!

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