HTTPS Support
I'm working on getting HTTPS support setup for You may see some hiccups along the way as I work to get all the coding set up and running properly, so don't freak out if something seems off. I will be hard at work getting things running right. Smile

== Update ==

The first stages of the HTTPS support has begun. Everything should run just fine with some pages indicating that they aren't fully secure. I will be addressing that soon. Going forward, if you wish to embed videos or pictures into your posts, make sure they are an https:// link and not an http:// link because I will be using some code that will reject non-secure content. You can still post a link to it, but it won't embed into a post.

== Tapatalk Update ==

Tapatalk users: if you start encountering network errors, you need to clear the Tapatalk cache on your mobile device to clean out the non-secure coding and download the updated stuff. The connection to the forum should start working just fine after that.
A guy could spend hours just looking at this site but here we have the meaning behind HTTPS, in case anyone was wondering or even cares  Tongue

At work we fling abbreviations around so much some of us try to make new meaning for them (because work is boring). We also enjoy a lively game of buzz-word bingo while the boss is talking (we played it at a few LIF potlucks, I think).

Anyone care to come up with something new for HTTPS?
I like this game. I do it a lot with license plates that don't make sense.

Hurry, takeover the pirate ship!
Head toward the painted statue.
"Hold tight," the parrot said.
Wow, you take it to a whole new level! Awesome!  Laugh
Braden always has to show u up Greg or me.
Have to try, please Shane.
(02-02-2018, 02:34 PM)Brăden Wrote: Have to try, please Shane.

ROTFL!!!  Laugh Laugh Laugh Laugh Laugh
Haha, true. That's pretty silly.
I showed this to the wife. She couldn't stop laughing. LOL!!

I'd say you win an ice cream or something for this.  Laugh
How thoughtful. That's pretty special.

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