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(05-12-2018, 11:23 AM)Spy Hunter Wrote: Sid so have u been to gateway recently?  Are the theaters still there, what's still there?

The theaters are still there a few years ago they signed a 10 year lease with the Gateway. Tucanos Brazilian Grill is still there. The Gateway Children's Museum and Planetarium are still there. The place is ok but needs to TLC. City Creek is nice and I like the design better however most of the stores at City Creek are way too preppy you could say. I go to City Creek often for lunch as I work 2 blocks from it. The only stores besides the food court I go to is the Microsoft Store everything else is eh or too expensive. I got to Gateway once a year maybe and its always dead and eh. Hopefully Dave and Busters helps it out.
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Dave and Busters is going to do just fine...
(05-12-2018, 02:17 PM)crooks.mark Wrote: Dave and Busters is going to do just fine...
Anyone who's been to one knows they won't have a problem. However, our assinine liquor laws will curb the fun. Whenever I'm abroad, especially when on the Isle of Man, and they hear I'm from Utah, they always ask me if the stupid liquor laws are true, and I get to tell them that they are and explain things like the "This is a Restaurant" and "This is a Bar" Signs, the Zion Curtain/Wall/Barrier, and if I'm not drinking on LDS Church property, as an adult, what business is it of theirs. I ask the same about my bedroom.

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I third for Gateway getting a coaster! They could go for a small polar coaster that can be 200-250 feet easily. They could go ambitious for something bigger, but I don't see Salt Lake City approving anything taller than 300 at most. Either way, it would be awesome to have a coaster at Gateway, and would help make it into a complete entertainment district.

The thing is I never thought Gateway was going to close at any point. The theater is a huge draw for locals, and the planetarium and children's museum draw families around, and The Depot brings around some pretty big names. Plus, people live in the apartments that are attached. Those wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon. Now with a Dave & Busters (albeit with our liquor laws,) and the addition of a hotel from the initial plans, I see Gateway staying for a long time.

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Has anyone gone down and checked it out? If so how was it, busy?

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