Lagoon News: Daily Operation Begins Friday
Are you as excited as I am? This Friday marks the beginning of daily operation at Lagoon!! No more weekends for us. Time to head to Lagoon any day of the week!

Fridays: 11am to 11pm
Saturdays: 10am to 11pm
Sunday - Thursday: 11am to 10pm

Lagoon's daily schedule remains in effect until August 19th. That's almost a full 12 weeks of Lagoon summer fun!

Are you looking forward to daily operation?

[Image: WvmiMqI.jpg]
Oh yeah, I'm excited! I may still go on some Saturdays but it will be nice to enjoy the park during the quieter weekdays Smile
This is exciting!
[Image: a2a765f7757b7b989a73bfe9ca7b5196.png]

The Lost History of Saltair -- Coasters Connected -- No Limits
We will be there almost every Wed from here on out

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