Lagoon News: Season Passport Photos
Lagoon has finally revealed the dates and times to get your season passport photos taken early. They are doing it on two days this year:

March 23rd from 1pm - 7pm
March 29th from 2pm - 6pm

Ticket windows will be open to purchase season passports if you haven't done so yet. You may also purchase and pickup your season parking pass as well.
I was looking for this info! Thanks Will... Be there on Sat right after work at 1... Hope the crowds have gone by then!
Aren't they also open before the park opens?
Like what was said earlier, they are doing it the 23rd and 29th. The park opens on the 30th.

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Does anyone know if you can just show your passport vouchers on your phone, or do they have to be printed out ahead of time?
Nevermind, found it on the Lagoon FAQ page.

What Can I Do if I Can’t Print My Tickets at Home?

You may present a PDF of your tickets on your mobile device to any gate to gain entry. If it’s a season pass, you can take your confirmation number or season passport number.

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