Getting to know everyone at LIF
We showed up, but with us parking clear out by Primordial we didn't get into the park until well past 4.
Wont be there this weekend, but hopefully the next weekend.
Oh! This dusty boy is finally coming out of the dark ages of LIF! Lol

Hello everyone!! I'm R.J! I've been on the site for over a decade now (wow,) and come around here and there to check up and add my few cents in nowadays. Still have a love for Lagoon all these years, just that adulthood happened, of course!

I have also been part of the haunted house industry for a decade now as well! My home haunt is Castle of Chaos, with me having done some nights at Fear Factory and Asylum 49 as well. If you've ever been through and a clown harassed you to remember his name, that was me.

Also a local actor in general with being in some small roles and productions here and there. However this year is really picking up on this part of my life and it's very exciting! Nothing blockbuster of course, but modeling and dancing is now involved in this aspect. Hopefully the music video will be released soon, as it's the last project I've done so far with multiple gigs on the way!

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