LIF Changes
The domain switch is now live! Going forward, you will now access the Lagoon Is Fun Forum by heading to I've made sure to set up a domain forward to help out until everyone gets a chance to switch over typing the new domain name or updating your bookmarks.

I've been testing different parts of the forum for the last 30 minutes to see if I've missed anything, and it all looks to be working so far. Tapatalk looks to be working as well on my end.

If you encounter any issues, please let me know via here, Facebook, or Twitter.
Can I just say that I almost freaked out that I had screwed something up because almost no one posted on the forum after the move for 2 days! lol.

Now that I'm running the forum off of the new domain, I'm going to start working on switching over the "Lagoon Is Fun" wording in various places to "Lagoon Fans." Once again, this is a gradual process to help make sure no one gets lost in all the changes. The Lagoon Is Fun at the top of the site will most likely be the last thing I change.

FYI: The address for the wiki is still, which leads me to my next announcement about all these changes: the wiki will be fully taking over the domain once I feel I don't need to forward the forum traffic anymore. So, Lagoon Is Fun will continue on its role of being to be an unofficial information site while Lagoon Fans takes over as the home for ... well ... Lagoon Fans! Happy

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Lagoon Is Fun is a community forum and unofficial information site for people who enjoy going to Lagoon Amusement Park. This website has no affiliation with Lagoon.

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