Insanity strands riders for an hour
Las Vegas casino blames wind for thrill ride stranding two girls


LAS VEGAS (AP) - A casino executive blamed high winds for a thrill ride shutdown that stranded two girls high above the Las Vegas Strip early Wednesday morning.

The ride extends a curved arm from a tower platform and spins up to 10 passengers around on seats suspended at the end of mechanical fingers.

Gabriella Ceniceros, 11, and Erica McKinnon, 19, of Las Vegas, were the only passengers on the ride when it stopped about 12:45 a.m. They remained suspended about 900 feet above Las Vegas Boulevard until workers pulled the arm back to the platform about 2 a.m. and rescued them.

The two girls were unharmed.

Hotel officials said the ride is designed to go into "pause mode" when high winds are registered.

"The Insanity ride operated exactly as designed," Bobby Ray Harris, Stratosphere hotel-casino general manager, said in a statement.

Wind gusts were clocked as high as 55 mph late Tuesday atop the Stratosphere tower, which stands more than 1,100 feet tall and resembles the Space Needle in Seattle.

Harris said the ride, which opened March 10, passed inspections and resumed operation Wednesday morning.

The Stratosphere is the tallest structure west of the Mississippi River.
That had to be a freaky hour !!!

I am surprised that the arm doesn't swing back in as part of the automatic shutdown...
I thought the same thing. If the ride is suppose to shut down in high winds for safety reasons, you would think it would bring the riders back so they can safely get off. I hope they plan on fixing that.
Really you would think that a ride would bring them back in but if it s an emergency not all rides brign riders back to the loading area like when Cliffhanger goes they stay were they are at but if upside down the brake release but the gonodolas are still up in what ever position they happen to be in when the Cliff says well I'll dumb and I can't run anymore! Believe it had its days!!!
My roommate was at the stratosphere yesterday and he said that Insanity was closed and they said it hadn't been opened since it stopped the other day. It makes me wonder if they aren't trying to change how the auto stop works to avoid future bad press. I can't think of any other reason to keep it closed since no one was hurt and the ride functioned properly.
Ya Thats prob a pretty safe bet
I was their yesterday and it looked like a sweet ride and it was built in logan. I wish it was open so I could have rode it. The person working the elevator said that the two girls were unfortunate and fortunate because they got one thousand $ from staratphere for unconvinces and passes to the park (tower).

After hearing that I wish I was the one stuck up there. :lol: It would be creepy but be worth it! :shock: :lol: Tongue
I wouldn't mind being stuck on a ride that is hanging me off the side of a tower 900 feet up in the air. But I don't know about the wind blowing around. If it was wind that made the ride shut off then it had to be scary for those girls. :o
When Stratosphere opens new rides they always seem to have problems, I was in Vegas when there coater lost a wheel, then the next year when there was a fire. If it were me I wouldn't ride anything new with stratosphere until three or four years later after they have given certain riders the "thrill" of a lifetime.
A man would rather have a good scare over good advice.
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Well with rides being way up there there is bound to be problems.

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