Chaos suit settlement
I found an interesting article that announces a settlement regarding the collapse of Michigan's Adventure Chaos ride. Here is the url to the article that I read:

Apparently this lawsuit was based on the fact that the injured felt that park officials were not doing enough to ensure the ride was properly inspected. But Cedar Fair is pointing fingers at Chance. Here is a quote:

Quote:The Burtchetts alleged that Cedar Fair was responsible for the Chaos collapse and failed to properly inspect, maintain and operate the ride and to adequately train its employees, The Muskegon Chronicle reported Tuesday.

Cedar Fair asserted that the blame lay with the company that manufactured the ride, Chance Industries Inc. of Wichita, Kansas, which is in bankruptcy.
This is the reason that ride manufacturers and amusement parks are going bankrupt in the states... TO MANY LAWSUITS! In this particular case it may or may not be legitimate but anytime anything happens in an amusement park they get sued.
I agree. But lawsuits are the American way :roll:

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