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Ride Specs:

Location: South Midway
Height of Ride: 89 Feet
Length of Track: 2,850 Feet
Speed: 55 Miles Per Hour
Cost of Ride: 2.5 Million
Built: 1981
Year Installed: 1983
Duration: 1 Minute 45 Seconds
Capacity: 1600 Passengers per Hour
Amount of Lights: 12,000 +
Manufacturer: Anton Schwarzkopf Company
Height Requirements: Riders under 46" in height may not ride. Riders between 46" and 50" in height must be accompanied by a responsible person.

Interesting Facts:

Voted as the 8th best coaster in the country by People Magazine in 1984.

75% of your body weight is pressed against the seat when the coaster travels through its two signature loops.[/b]
if the fire dragon has 3 trains, why don't they put it in 3 train mode.
trackbender Wrote:Sid never had it better on the fire dragon and Jet Star at night.
I have the same question!!!!
Having 3 trains running would be pretty pointless. When we run Dragon in 2 train mode the second train usually comes into the station just a few seconds after the first train dispatches. So having a third train would make up for those few lost seconds I guess, but that's really not enough to put the third train on. Does anyone know when the third train would get put on though? Would the line have to be down to PV?

Mike 8)
I have run the fire dragon in three train mode, and it was on a day that the park was at capacity. It does help a little, but it has to go smooth, and the station operators need to move quick. The speech is pretty much "sit down, keep body parts in, enjoy the ride." then "Get out, exit to left down ramp, have fun" then into the first speech again. I didn't mind running the train in three train mode, but you didn't really have time to rotate, and if you messed up then it caused more headaches. I think that lagoon is going to have some big days this year, and maybe they will bring back running three trains, you never know.
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I love 3 train mode.
i didnt even know they had three train mode Happy
they do.
trackbender Wrote:Sid never had it better on the fire dragon and Jet Star at night.
The Last Time Dragon was in 3 Train Mode Was 1999! Laugh Running Dragon in 3 Train Mode is Fairly Pointless, as a Train is always going to be stopped in Waiting Zone 2, so the capacity won't be much greater. I also believe that a Coordinator or Manager has to be at the Ride for it to Operate 3 Trains if I'm not mistaken. Mike, care to chime in?
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1999!! that is such a long time ago.
trackbender Wrote:Sid never had it better on the fire dragon and Jet Star at night.

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